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360 Condominiums – Overview, Gallery & Condos for Sale

In the Downtown Austin, Condo living is an experience which nearly every resident dream for. There are numerous Condo towers in the Downtown Austin which offers great condo units with a handful of amenities to make life simpler, easier and making condo living a memorable experience. Today, we are going to talk about a popular condo tower known as 360 Condominiums.

Overview of 360 Condominiums:

360 Condominiums is great looking and popular skyscraper located in 360 Nueces Street Downtown, Austin. It is a tall 177m building with 44 floors in it. Those 44 floors support 430 condos and and nearly 14000 sqft of area. The 360 Condominiums was the tallest building in the Downtown Austin form January 2008 to June 2009, and was later surpassed by the Austonian.

360 Condominiums is a popular and luxury residential building in the Austin, Texas. The whole building was constructed very beautifully. Along with that there are many amenities which add value to the whole living experience.

360 Condominiums Amenities

Just like mostly condo towers in Downtown Austin, there are many amenities which are offered to the residents of the 360 Condominiums. Amenities add value to the Condominium tower and maximize your condo living experience. 360 Condominiums which include the following:

Year-Round heated Pool

The 360 Condominiums offer its residents a full featured heated water poll on the 9th floor with terrace. The pool also contains a sunning shelf along with in-water tanning chaise.

Terrace on 9th Floor:

In 360 Condominiums, there is a terrace located on the 9th floor to give the residents of the building a sunny day experience. The 360 residents can enjoy a sunny day in Austin by leaning on a lean-chair in the terrace of the 360 Condominiums.

Luxury Clubroom:

The 9th floor of 360 Condominiums also includes a full featured luxury Club-room, with a large space for the condo residents and their guests. The club room is based on a full kitchen, a large bar area, Free Wifi facility, pool table and a Plasma TV to entertain all the persons in the club room. Being a 360 condos resident you can also reserve the club room for your personal gatherings with outsiders by paying a little fee to the HOA.

Theater Room:

In the 360 Condominiums there is a Mini-theater room in the building with eight leather club level chairs and a large sized TV. There is a surround sound installed in the theater room along with free WiFi. Residents have the option to reserve the theater room for them.

Conference Room:

The Conference Room is a newly built amenity of the 360 Condominiums building, where the residents can host meetings and conferences. It is located just alongside the theater room. You can also reserve the Conference room for up to 3 hours for your use.

Fitness Center

The 360 condominium is one of its kind where a full-fledged fitness center is located. The fitness center is on the 10th floor of the building. The fitness center is loaded with some top-of-line equipment. Especially for cardio with treadmills, rowing machines and many more.

Dog Park

You love your pets? The 360 Authority too. That’s why they have a Dog park for your four legged friends. There is a complete 24/7 Dog Park for the residents to let their pets relax there.

Concierge Service:

The 360 Condominiums offers its residents a 24/7 concierge service, just like any other condo tower in the Austin. The residents can enjoy all those amenities without any fee or just by paying a minimum fee for some special reservations.

Floor Plan of 360 Condominiums:

The condo Units starts from the 9th Floor of the Building. The condos on the west side of the floor have large patios and along with that there are many amenities which are located on the 9th floor. Along with a terrace and a Pool.

The 10th floor of the 360 Condominiums shares their entrance and the hall way with the Gym. All the units on the 10th floor and onwards include balconies instead of patios.

11th to 15th: All the units on this floor and the floors above it are completely residential floors and people who live there can only access these floors.

16th Floor: It is the only floor with 12 feet ceilings and it is also the last floors which have 18 condos in it.

17th Floor: This floor has a outdoor grilling and seating area which is only limited to the residents of this floor. This floor only has 11 condos in it.

18 to 42: These floors are very much similar to the floor no. 11 to 15. The only difference is that there are 7 less condos per floor on this floor.

43rd Floor: It is the second last floor of the 360 condominiums and it has 4 penthouses and some smaller units. A couple of penthouses include rooftop decks and thus they expand to the 44th floor of the building.

Interior Design of 360 Condominiums:

360 condominiums offer luxury condo-living experience and thus you can expect well-furnished and eye-catching interiors and high class quality for the condo. In general 360 condos offers a great interior look with floor to ceiling windows, flooring, cupboards eye catching paint job done with professionals and some great looking wall designs.

360 Condominiums Condos for Sale:

360 Condominiums is a place which is loved by most of the condo residents. Due to a lot of space and 44 floors, it has a great capacity. Thus you can expect to find an affordable condo in 360 condominiums without any hassle.

There are numerous websites which deals in 360 condominiums and contains information about the condos available at 360 condominiums for sale. You can let me help you in purchasing a condo in 360 condominiums as I am a highly experienced Austin Downtown Realtor thus I can help you making a good and affordable deal.

Just hire me going to the homepage if you want to let me help you out in finding a great condo in 360 condominiums.

360 Condominiums Gallery:

Here is a look on some images of 360 Condominiums.

Wrapping it up!

I’ve just read the end of this article and I have tried my best to share all the important information about the 360 condominiums. I hope that this information will be useful for you and it will help you finding more about this building and to make a better decision.

At the end, I just want you guys to add value to this article by dropping any information in comments which I’ve missed out or you think should be added into this article.

Thanks for reading!

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