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Austin City Lofts – Gallery | Floor Plans | Condos for Sale

Overview of Austin City Lofts:

Austin City Lofts is a condo tower located in Downtown Austin at the 800W 5th Street. It is a well-furnished residential tower with 14 floors and 82 units based on one, two or three bedrooms apartments. It is located on a great location near whole foods.

In terms of pricing the Austin city lofts is a moderate price condo towers with affordable condos and a good list of amenities.

Austin city lofts is a good choice for you, if you are willing to shift to a condo for future living and also living in condos can be a great experience.

In this article I have collected all the necessary information related to the Austin City lofts and gathered all of them in one place to help out new buyers who are looking to find good condo towers in Downtown Austin and want to compare their features, amenities offered there, floor plans, gallery and information related to the purchasing of those condo towers.

Austin City Lofts Amenities:

Austin City lofts are one of the great and affordable condo towers in the Downtown Austin condo stream. There are many amenities available to the residents of the Austin City Lofts. Here is a look on all of them individually:


The Austin City Lofts offer a Parking garage for its residents, so you don’t need to worry about the parking issues to park your vehicles and they will remain safe with the security they offer in the parking.


The location of Austin City Lofts was really great. As, it is located in the heart of Downtown Austin and some really important places including the Lady Bird Lake and whole foods market is just one block away from the building.

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24/7 Concierge:

Austin City Lofts offer its residents an unmatchable concierge service with round the clock availability.

Pool and Spa:

The residents of the Austin city lofts are served with an awesome pool deck and a spacious spa.

Grilling Area:

In Austin City lofts, you are served with Grilling and cooking areas within the building for group cooking plans.

A Lush outdoor patio and a lounge add value to the luxury and amenities you enjoy in the building.

Austin City Lofts Floor Plan

Austin City lofts come with unique 12 floors plan. There are a total of 82 units in the condo tower with the available capacity of one, two and three bedroom condos. You can choose which type of condo you want based on your family requirements. As being an owner of a condo in Austin city lofts you have to pay a monthly Home Owner Association fee to the buildings management.

But don’t only judge it by comparing the HOA fees of other condo towers. Keep in note that Austin city loft’s HOA covers common area maintenance and insurance. Along with that, they also cover water, hot water supply, waste water drainage and garbage pickup services.

Interior Design for Condos

The condos in Austin City lofts are very well furnished and give a luxury look to the residents. These are loaded with some power pack features including floor to ceiling windows, spacious bedrooms, luxury bath fittings and a great kitchen with superior lighting in the whole condo and spacious balconies with a premium look beautify the look of the condo.

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There are other condos in the downtown Austin in other buildings which have a much lower price than the Austin City lofts. But, you should notice the features they are offering to you there. Because the features offered in the condo is the actual thing that will make your condo living experience a memorable experience.

Gallery for Austin City Lofts

Have a look on some of the best shots from the Austin City lofts:

Condos for Sale in Austin City Lofts

We have the most vast collection and information of the condos for sale in the Austin city Lofts. You can refer to our “Search by Building” to find out available condos in the Austin City Lofts.

Buy a Condo in Austin City Lofts:

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Important Guides!

Wrapping Up!

Okay now, we have just reached the end of this article. I’ve tried my best to share all the necessary information I have related to the Austin City Lofts and I hope this will help you selecting this building for your next condo or for comparing it with other condos.

As it is a clear fact that nobody is perfect and any article cannot be a full achieve for any Condo building in the Downtown Austin. That’s why I request you guys that if you have any other information related to this building then you should add value to this article by dropping that information in the comments section below this post.  Or if you like the way I’ve presented the Information, and loved my work then a few lines of appreciation would encourage me to write similar articles on other buildings of the Downtown Austin too! J

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