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Buy an apartment at the Bowie – Real Estate Expert’s Guide

Are looking for a nice apartment for your family in Austin? If yes, then The Bowie can be a good choice and worth considering in your options. The Bowie is a great residential building located on the Bowie street in Austin, Texas. There are many options available for a buyer to choose from like you can buy or rent or can choose from a variety of apartment types. Like studio apartments, one bed or two bed apartments.

In this article, we are going to discuss some important guidelines which you should always look before you buy an apartment or a condo in the Bowie. As, buying or renting an apartment is not something which was done daily, thus you have to take a wise decision and should get all kind of information and clarify all your confusions before you buy or rent an apartment. So this guide is especially for the people who are going to buy an apartment at the Bowie but still others can get benefit from it too.

Overview and Analyze the Location:

Before starting to find out an apartment in any building or condo tower, I always recommend you to have a deep look and analyze its location. As, location of your next apartment is going to be the most vital thing for you, to live there for many next years. Analyzing the location actually points to have a deep overview of that location, rather it suits you or not, how far the market is and how frequently you have to go to the market late nights. It also includes the factor that how far this building is from your office and what will be the plan you use to go to your office daily, like is there any kind of easily accessible public transportation facility available for you to get there or if you use your own vehicle like a car, what should be its fuel costs?

I always recommend you to double check all those above listed requirements and find that are you easy in shifting to that location and does it really suits you or not. You should make a decision on the base of above statistics.

Check for Reviews – (Online or in Community)

Reviews are the best way to find the experiences of the previous residents of the building. You can check out the reviews for The Bowie and can decide which type of people is saying what about that building. As reviews differ from the category of people living in that area, for example it is possible that a building suits the people who love pets but that same building cannot be a good fit for the people who do not own pets.

You can check for reviews about The Bowie either online or locally by asking your friends or family members if they know anyone who lived in the bowie. This way you can easily figure out which kind of experience you will get by moving to The Bowie. You can also ask a Realtor for that area so he can give you a brief pros and cons for The Bowie building.

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Get some Price Estimates

Once, you have collected and reviewed all the reviews about the Bowie you can now get some price estimates to set a budget for you. You can visit any real estate website focusing on Austin and get pricing information from there or if you want to do it physically you can do it by having a meeting with any experienced Downtown Realtor. He can elaborate all the basic pricing estimates along with the per square feet estimates. So you can get a better idea of how much you are going to pay and how much you want to pay.

Find a Seller or a Realtor

The thing you need to focus now is finding a seller from which you can buy or rent that apartment in The Bowie. You can search online through various websites for the people who are looking to sale an apartment in the Bowie or you can also contact a Realtor for this purpose. A realtor can help you finding many sellers who want to sell an apartment at The Bowie and also he can help you making the deal with him.

Once, you have found a seller you can plan a visit to the apartment which you are going to buy. During your visit to the apartment your 78701 Realtor will also help you, but you should also have to learn some points which someone have to look into a condo during a visit. I am sharing a complete The Bowie apartment review cheat sheet so you can get the most from your visit to that apartment.

The Condo Review CHEATSHEET:

So while you are on your visit to that apartment which you have just found, with the help of a realtor or on your own. You should have to look for the following things in that apartment:

The Condition of that Condo:

When it comes to the condition of an apartment, it basically refers to taking an estimate of how much you are going to spend on this apartment after purchasing it. You have to keep a good care of your budget which is required once you have bought the apartment.

The amenities:

Make sure that the amenities you’ve listened about that building are true. Like if the rooftop pool is attracting you, and then you must make sure that the pool is also functional. Also if escalators are the thing that you badly need, then make sure they are functional and working properly.

The Permissions:

You should also talk about what kind of permissions which you have in your apartment. Like about the paint jobs and repairing and renewals, also ask about the permissions to change the design or layout of your apartment.

Make the DEAL!

Once you are sure with all those above listed stuff, and you like the apartment too. You can go with a Deal. You can either contact a Real Estate Agent to help you with paper stuff or you can do it on your own if you think you can do it. Because paper stuff can become really tricky sometimes, and it became hard to mess it up with all these things without a realtor.

In this article, I’ve described all the necessary points which are required to take care if you want to buy an apartment in The Bowie. Still if you want to skip all those steps, and want to do stuff with an expert’s guideline you can hire an Austin Realtor for this purpose. An Austin Realtor can help you finding a good apartment which meets all your needs and also help you with reviewing that apartment and with the paper stuff too.

About me:

Matt is an Austin Realtor with a great experience in the industry. Having recently secured the 27th spot in the Austin Business Journal Residential Real Estate Awards, Matt is amongst the ranks of top producers in Austin. Matt successfully merges his comprehensive practical knowledge with an intimate familiarity of the Austin real estate market. He sells a variety of different condos downtown from new construction to resale, while maintaining a presence in Old West Austin. Having sold approximately $10M in condos at the Seaholm Residences, Matt was chosen to be on the sales team for Urbanspace’s newest project, The Independent. Matt reached a career record high with just under $17M in sales for 2016.

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