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Ultimate Guide for Buying a Condo at Austin City Lofts

Austin City lofts are a great place to invest in Downtown Texas, if you are looking for a Urban lifestyle experience at a really affordable price. Austin City Lofts is located at a prime location of 800 West, 5th Street of the Downtown Austin’s Market Dist. The area in which the Austin City Lofts is located is well-known for their pedestrian friendly environment. These type of locations are worth considering once if you are planning to buy a condo.

The building of Austin City Lofts is located in the 78703 Zip code and was built in 2003. It consists of roughly 82 condos which are distributed on 14 floors having some great lifestyle features which you expect from any good condomiums tower.

There are mostly condos having 1-3 bedrooms with elegant finishes and different features that will be described below.

The Condo’s at the Austin City Lofts can be described in single line as “Dedicated, Elegant and Simple”. There is variety of great features offered to the residents of the building which makes their condo living experience a Wow!

Some Features of Austin City Lofts:

All the condos offered in the Austin city Lofts are fully loaded with some great condo features. As, most of the condos have a panoramic view of the Austin city’s Skyline. They locality of 78703 is a good community to connect and live with. Floors are made up of concrete which is polished to give the resident a premium living experience. Along with that, there are greatly designed, eye catching ceilings which will appeal you whenever you look at it.
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Doors of the condos of Austin City lofts are made up of polished wood which enriches your premium condo living experience.

Off-Building Features of Austin City Lofts:

The Austin city lofts are very impressive if we talk about their neighboring areas. There is a complete mini-city at the walking distance from the building.  The Whole foods can be accessible by moving just 2 blocks away, and the Flagship store is a solution itself. They offers gourmet meals, Pizzeria, deli, a bar and a high-quality grocery solution which offers fresh fruits and vegetables.

There are many others things too, which will grab your attention and makes you obsessed with the Austin City lofts too. They include Relaxing alongside the pool located on the Ground floor terrace of the building. Hot water tubs facility is also available for the residents of the Austin city lofts and this attracts the residents a lot.

The residents of the Austin city lofts are served with a 24-Hour concierge service, which makes a great and striking addition in the features of the building and gives an up-lift to the living experience you will have.

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The 78703’s REALTOR Advice:

No matter, in which building you are finding a condo or planning to move. A realtor is the best solution to find the best deal on condos in Downtown Austin. If you work with a 78701 REALTOR which is mainly focused on that specific area (Like me!) can be really, really helpful.

As there are several different factors you must have to look before you make a deal and this can be tricky and difficult for a newbie most of the times. Thus, a REALTOR can help you getting your worth of money back effectively.

I personally recommend you to work with a REALTOR for buying a condo at Downtown Austin, and a 78703 Realtor can be really, really well. But, along with the REALTOR you must have to know the basics of buying a condo in Downtown Austin. For that purpose you can read out my best & free guides on buying a condo in Downtown Austin here:

If you need any type of REALTOR services for Downtown Austin or specifically for 78703 REALTOR, Probably, I can help you. As, I am an experience downtown Realtor and a resident of Downtown from a long-time and this thing makes me the best person to give you the best advice on condos located at Downtown Austin.

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