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Digging into Downtown Austin Real Estate by 78701 Realtor

Austin Real Estate Market Overview:

Austin city lofts is a good and noble choice for living, if you are willing to shift to a condo for future living and also living in condos can be a great experience to fulfill your dreams.

This article helped you to collected all the necessary information related to the Austin City lofts and gathered all of them in one place to help out new buyers who are looking to find good condo towers in Downtown Austin and want to compare their features, amenities offered there, floor plans, gallery and information related to the purchasing of those condo towers.

360 Condominiums Skyscraper. 360 Condominiums is great looking and popular skyscraper located in 360 Nueces Street Downtown, Austin. The building is 177m tall with 44 floors in it. Those 44 floors support 430 condos and nearly 14000 sqft of area. The 360 Condominiums was the tallest building in the Downtown Austin form January 2008 to June 2009, and was later surpassed by the Austonian .360 Condominiums is a popular and luxury residential building in the Austin, Texas. The whole building was constructed very beautifully. Along with that there are many amenities which add value to the whole living experience.

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Living trend towards condo is getting a lot of interest from people living in Austin, these days. This development is getting very popular and thus it also started and constructed a huge wave of Condomium complexes all around the downtown Austin.

Four Seasons residences is one of them situated at their best place in Austin and valued at a great condomium complex in Austin for living.  Different in size condoswith one or two bedroom are available for you to buy, all the condos show different views at available at different prices. Although the new sales of condos at Four Seasons Residences are now closed but you can buya condo at Four Seasons Residences at a really affordable price by purchasing it from a previous owner.

Real-estate agents always available for your help.  Whenever you planned to buy a condo or invest in condo just stop once and get information about how to get/buy a best condo at their best and affordable price in the market, because there are different prices of the same condo at different Real estate agents in Austin, therefore It is mustbe that you know how to find out the best condo for the best price available in the market.

After the reading of this articleyour will be in a best position that will lead to how to buy or invest in a best condoat the lowest price in Four Seasons Residences Austin. Your also be able or guided/attain maximum knowledge about condos after reading this article thoroughly to find a condo for yourself or for your loved ones, at a really affordable price from any kind of dealer or real estate agent because you have your own knowledge.

If you are looking for a condo on rental basis, you might look at Downtown Austin, and don’t Worry you have landed on the right spot. Today, I am going to discuss some amazing tips to find a great condo for rent which suits youand satisfy yours family needs.

Downtown Austin is popular for condo, because the condos are cozy,comfortable, easy and provided miraculous lifestyle to live. There are many condo towers which are very popular among the people of Downtown Austin, and one of them is Four Season Residencies.

As, things are not always the same for everyone, some people can’t afford buying a condo and they want to rent one to live and enjoy this awesome living experience in Condo towers.  That’s why I am writing this guide about finding a good Condo on rental basis in Four Season Residencies at Downtown Austin.

Let’s start discovering the tips to find a best Condo for rent at Four Season Residencies.

Finalized your budget first before you go out and start looking for a condo on rent.  Your budget is best guider to find out best condo and to know the range in which you need a condo as a monthly rent. Finding a condo for rent in Four Season Residencies without budget will make you face many difficulties.
The top first and best option for you is to finalize a budget and make your mind to look for a condo in that rent range. Once you are done, then you are ready to look into the market place to find out some condos on monthly rent basis which suits you the best.

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Think for selling your condo.  Austin Texas Real Estate provide an opportunity to take advantage of our home sales expertise and marketing experience to ensure your own Austin home is sold in reasonable time and at  highest dollar. Get in-depth home value report for free, and find out more about a detailed marketing plan and how it can help you to sell your home faster, and for top dollar.

Though our web site you will find to be a one-stop resource for your online real estate research and will guide you for an urban adventure or fashion deals North Austin is great. Whereas South Austin is popular for live music, outdoor recreation, and vintage shopping. East Austin is considered one of the hippest hipster neighborhoods. Tarrytown has great access to the lake for boating and golf courses. Downtown Austin is the spot for history, music, and nightlife.

We’re excited to tell you what you want to know about the local market for condos or homes, bedrooms, rental houses or apartments, or whatever is most interesting at the moment – that’s where you’ll find us! We delight in helping people succeed in the Austin real estate market, and when our clients come out of the transaction breathing that big sigh of relief, we’re just as satisfied as you are.

So please, have a look around, and contact us with any questions you might have about the market or our services, or come visit us at our convenient office location: Austin Luxury Realty at 2512 S IH 35, Suite 120, Austin, TX 78704.

Downtown Austin Real Estate:  A Neighborhood Guide:

The city of Austin as it is the 11th most populous city in United States and 4th most populous city in Texas, and is one of the fastest growing in the nation.  When you browse downtown Austin real estate listings, they’ll reflect this expansion. The first thing you’ll see is an array of high-rise condominium complexes, some more than 50 stories tall. When you buy one of the homes for sale in the Austin, TX, downtown neighborhood, you’re also buying excellent access to the district’s businesses and shops, as well as the city’s thriving live music scene. Use Movoto Real Estate to help find a home here, and start exploring the many things to do in downtown Austin.

A Legendary Music Scene

Austin boasts almost 200 music locations that offers live music where you can imagine, including rock, jazz, hip hop, punk, Latino or country. Downtown Austin real estate, like this three-bedroom condominium with views of the Texas State Capitol, puts you within walking distance of many of these hot spots, but you’ll need to use a car or take public transportation to reach some of the city’s neighboring venues. Austin’s Capitol Metro bus service makes this easy, and its Night Owl lines serve popular entertainment destinations until 3 a.m. If you want to find downtown Austin events other than live music, just cross the river and visit Long Center, which offers an eclectic mix of stage shows, speakers, opera and more.

Shopping Options: Practical and Strange

Spent your time in Austin for shopping at will, it’s a sure bet that you’ve seen a “Keep Austin Weird” bumper sticker or tee-shirt. The eclectic shopping in downtown Austin and the surrounding areas proves the city’s small businesses have taken this motto to heart. You’ll find a mix of food markets, clothing stores and specialty boutiques, as well as larger shopping venues like the 2nd Street District, all very close to downtown Austin. For stranger shopping options, venture across Lady Bird Lake to South Congress Street, and browse the dozens of stores along this unique commercial corridor. Once you’re finished shopping, stop at one of the many excellent restaurants or cafes in the downtown area for a meal or a cup of coffee on the way home.

Outdoor Adventures in Austin

Real estate in downtown Austin offers quick access to fresh air and green spaces, too. The Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail offers 10 miles of outdoor paths for runners, walkers and bikers, and it connect to Bilker Metropolitan Park and Botanical Garden across the river. If you’d rather work out indoors, since

Texas summers can be very hot, there are plenty of gyms in downtown Austin to serve your needs.

Are you falling in love with Austin, Texas? Visit a local open house to see what properties in this area are like, and then get to know its amazing urban scene. If you need a guide to downtown Austin real estate, contact a local Moot agent who can help you find your way to a home that’s right for you.

Austin Creditors Dig Up Rainey Street’s Past Life:

At present Austin’s changed all over, but you might not find a better example of the city’s transformation over the last decade than Rainey Street. This formerly quiet residential road close to downtown.  There is almost nothing before ten years ago, even though many of its historic homes haven’t been demolished — they’ve been converted into bars and restaurants, remodeled to the scope.  You might not recognize them in the shadow of the district’s new condo towers and other improvements.

Nobody seems to note Austin’s frequent and drastic transformations more than the societies at Austin, the city’s page on Reedit, and this week a poster dug up some old Google Street View images of Rainey Street circa 2007 — a single decade may not seem like a long time, but for Austin that’s something more like an era. If you click around, you’ll find that most of the street is navigable via 2007-era Street View, and if you only know the area in its current materialization, you may find it truly baffling to connect what you’re seeing to anything in the present.


Investing in old vs. new is a longstanding debate that won’t be settled anytime soon. In Austin, we have seen alarge number of heritage homes along with new construction homes populating communities throughout the city. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal needs and preferences, but the benefits of Austin new construction purchasing are hard to deny. Here’s a list of new houses and investing in new homes can save financially in the long-run.

1) Economical Option

In Austin, even though the temperatures never really cools below 40 °, having a new home in Austin is a more economical option when it comes to energy efficiencies, but considering that most homes in Austin over 10 years old, weren’t built with the latest technologies. Construction of new homes in these days in Austin incorporate green technologies which include massively improved insulation, water efficiency methods, digital programmable thermostats, efficient doors, windows, lights, and various other smart home automation systems. Not only are these features good for the environment, but you’ll end up saving money. Some features like solar panels can yield a strong ROI leading to higher resale values.

2) Own vs. Rent

The city of Austin as it is the 11th most populous city in United States and 4rth most populous city in Texas.  Austin is one of the fastest growing in the nation and Austin Ranked as one of the best cities to live in the world, many people are demanding to call Austin home, which has made it difficult to find affordable rental properties. With the price of rental homes climbing, and low mortgage rates, buying a house in Austin has never seemed like a wiser decision. Home ownership is also a great long-term investment. Ownership builds equity, a strong credit history, and significant tax reductions. That being said, Austin has been a hot spot in the last 5 years with new developments. Be sure to keep your eye on all of the new construction taking place in Austin Downtown

3) New Home Benefits

Construction of new homes in Austin are less of a difficulty when someone comes to home ownership compared to many of the heritage homes found throughout the communities. Construction or a new home means a clean slate where you don’t have to make extensive and expensive renovations or customization. You’ll see and notice that many of the new homes in Austin real estate have thoughtful floor plans and efficient use of space, so you won’t have to dig into your pockets for additional customization projects.

Have a look on my Guide: Buy an Apartment at the Bowie

Construction of homes come with modern appliances and features that are biotechnology, human engineering, efficient, and economic for homeowners. If anything breaks during the first year, it will be the home builder’s responsibility to fix under warranty. A new construction home in Austin equates to easier living with less repairs!

4) Easy Home Financing

Acquiring a home loan isn’t always easy or like as a walk in the park, but it’s easier to get one when buying a new home. Builders are typically organized to manage the transaction with a list of preferred lenders and title companies that are already available at investor place. Builders want to ensure a smooth transaction for home buyers, and some builders have put together programs that make it easy for buyers to get approved for a mortgage to closing the deal. Some builders even offer significant credit incentives to help pay closing costs to buyers who use preferred lenders. Some closing cost credits can be as high as 2-3% of the purchase price.

5) Home Warranties

Ten to twenty years home warranty available for constructing new homes in Austin.  That is one of the best parts of owning an Austin new construction is knowing that your home comes with a warranty that will last up to ten, sometimes 20 years that will cover “everything”. This will save you a lot of money in the long-run if any major repair issues come up like leaky roofs, broken furnaces, building defects, and even delayed closings. Older homes are not covered with warranties, so it’ll have to pay out of pocket for costly repairs.

Austin City Lofts Real Estate:

Nearby to the Shoal Creek Trail, and a block from Whole Foods, Austin City Lofts is tucked away into the market district of downtown Austin.  Austin City Lofts feature living spaces that can be described as a mix between a simplistic-modern and elegant, embellishments influenced by European architecture. All lofts include floor-to-ceiling windows, as well as access to the pool and fitness center located in the building; perfect for a relaxing finish to any day. Austin City Lofts include everything from smaller, 1-bedroom lofts, to the penthouses located on the top floors of the building.

Austin City Lofts is a community of 82 luxury condos ranging in size from approximately 1000 to 3000 square feet. This is an attractive fourteen floor mixed-use building with ground level retail, secure parking, concierge, pool, garden area and gym in a great urban neighborhood.

For those living in Austin City Lofts, everything is walking-distance from the building, making it easy to grab a quick bite at Frank and Angie’s Pizzeria or enjoy the night-life of West 6th St, where J. BlacksKung Fu, and Star Bar have become popular places to meet-up with friends and on the northwest corner of West 5th Street and West Avenue, Austin City Lofts are near the Whole Foods Market, the Austin CBD, downtown nightlife, and Lady Bird Lake.

Austin City Lofts offers luxury and convenience for those looking to live in the heart of downtown Austin.Austin City Lofts is located in one of the most desirable areas of Austin. It is located in the center of the Market District.   You get great panoramic views from your window and you have endless options for entertainment, shopping, dining and more. Inside you can see soaring ceilings, modern kitchens, luxurious bathrooms and great contemporary architecture.


  • Suburban commercial and office development is diminishing Austin’s position as the regional economic leader.
  • The government, technology, medical, and institutional sectors form the base of Austin’s economy.
  • Austin’s highly-educated workforce makes the city attractive to high-growth companies seeking to relocate or establish operations in the greater Austin area.
  • Austin’s economy continues to produce professional and skilled service jobs. However, access to these jobs is limited for many minorities and individuals with lower educational attainment.
  • Austin’s creative sector is key to our continued economic growth.
  • There are many factors that make Austin an ideal environment for small business growth: high amounts of venture capital funding, a well-educated and young population, a creative/independent spirit that strongly favors originality and local businesses versus national big-box retail stores.
  • Austin’s lower wages (relative to other major U.S. cities) creates an impediment to attracting talented workers who perceive that they can secure better pay elsewhere.
  • Entrepreneurship and the ability of existing businesses to adapt to new technologies will continue to drive Austin’s economy.
  • Investment is needed in workforce development programs that address shortages in critical healthcare professions and blue-collar workers. Data
  • Austin is the number one economy out of 102 cities measured by The Business Journals’ On Numbers monthly report.
  • Austin has been the strongest market of all the cities, occupying first place nine times in 15 months and never finishing lower than third.
  • Austin has added 67,800 private-sector jobs during the past five years, an increase of 11.0 percent. No other market has grown faster than 8 percent.
  • Austin scored an 83.9 out of 100 based on 18 economic factors
  • With an unemployment rate of 5.2 percent and five-year wages growth from October 2008 through October 2013 of nearly 15 percent, Austin had held first place for eight of the first 10 months


Architectural styles homes in Austin, there are many architectural styles found throughout Austin. From modern homes to old bungalows. The bungalow style, which can be synonymous to Craftsman style, can be found in many older neighborhoods in the Austin area including Hyde Park, Travis Heights and Tarrytown.

Some newer neighborhoods and builders have made their attempts at reviving the Craftsman style, and none have accomplished it better than the Fairway view Homes in The Reserve at Twin Creeks. Twin Creeks is the only golf club in Cedar Park and it features a few of these Craftsman style gems including this home which is currently available. Click the photo to view additional photos and property details.


Another location in Austin is Sonoma. Sonoma is located near the Dell campus in Round Rock and is one of the more wanted after neighborhoods in the area. This home is located on an easy access street and main features of Sonoma are flexible floor plans with multiple bedrooms onthe main floor and an additional bedroom and flex space upstairs. Whether you require single story living or need six bedrooms, this is the home for you. A great price for Sonoma, Round Rock living!


REILLY, REALTORS® services all neighborhoods in the greater Austin area. We have created over 2,200 in-depth profiles of major areas and individual neighborhoods to help you get to know Austin. These profiles cover everything you need to know about a particular neighborhood, including market stats, school info, things to do in the area, and more. Search for any neighborhood here or review more areas below.AUSTIN:

Austin is a blossoming city and the heart of Central Texas that offers a unique living experience. Wherever you’re coming anywhere from world and regardless of your stage in life, Austin is waiting with the perfect home and lifestyle. Austin is located within Travis County along Interstate 35. Homes for sale range from around $100K to well over $1M.


For top-rated schools, recreation, and amenities Bee Cave is the best option for homeowners.  Bee Cave combines city and hill country living in beautiful, high-end communities. Homeowners choose Bee Cave for its top-rated schools, recreation, and amenities. The area is just 20 miles west of downtown Austin. Homes for sale range from around $300K to well over $1M.


Buda is part of the Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos metropolitan statistical area and one of Austin’s fastest growing suburbs.  It is growing quickly with new shopping centers, local businesses, and neighborhoods, but retains its small town feel. Buda is found just 15 miles south of downtown Austin. Homes for sale in the area average $300K.


Cedar Park is one of the fastest-growing areas of Austin and is renowned for its affordable homes and convenient location. Residents love the area’s numerous parks, shopping centers, and entertainment venues like the Cedar Park Center. Cedar Park is located about 20 miles northwest of Austin and a small portion of the city extends into neighboring Travis County.  Homes for sale in the area average $350K.


Driftwood is a census-designated place and unincorporated community in northern Hays County,Texas, United States. It lies along Farm to Market Road 150, north of the city of San Marcos, the county seat of Hays County.Home to legendary barbecue spot, The Salt Lick, Driftwood offers the best in quiet hill country living. The area is a peaceful retreat for acreage ranches and luxury communities. Driftwood is found about 27 miles southwest of Austin. Homes for sale in the area range from $220K to over $1M.


The rural hill country community of Dripping Springs has seen tons of development over recent years. The area is coveted for its top-rated schools, laid-back atmosphere, and diverse living options. Dripping Springs is only 25 miles southwest of Austin. Homes for sale average $600K.


Home to Southwestern University, Georgetown is a growing city on the banks of the San Gabriel River. Outdoor activities, local businesses, and quiet neighborhoods are plentiful in the area. Georgetown is found 30 miles north of Austin along I-35. Homes for sale average $375K.


Once a popular resort community, Horseshoe Bay has evolved into at thriving small town on Lake LBJ. Golf courses, wineries, and lake activities make Horseshoe Bay the perfect community to call home year round, or just for a vacation. Horseshoe Bay is 54 miles west of downtown Austin. Homes for sale in the area average $850K.

Decorating your Austin Condo? Here are some Tips.

Decorate your Austin Condo go-out for shopping for a newer Austin condo.  You’ll be happy to find that construction of modern condos in Austin incorporated several more-or-less standard enlightened design features that add a sense of expansiveness and practicality to maximize the interior space. These typically include high ceilings, flexible open floor plans and open concept kitchens. Here are a few decorating ideas to help you make the supreme of your new condo, or decorate an existing one.

Blessed with High Ceilings?  Go Big.

As wonderful as they are, just as they are, high ceilings can leave you wondering what to do with all that extra headroom hovering above the sight-line. If left empty, they can produce a stark, cavernous appearance. Placing mirrors high up adds reflective light and creates an airy open feeling that pulls the eyes up and elevates mood. On the sensory level, mirrors also introduce an aspect of boundless infinity.

Consider hanging a chandelier, either of the retro style or some of the modern styles that really catch your eye. A big piece of hanging jewelry in the main room brings weight and balance to any condo space with high ceilings. Add a dimmer switch if one isn’t already installed and you gain the ability to adjust the lighting to suit the time of day and occasion.

A large piece of art or sculpture is another way to bring focus to a room with high ceilings. Sometimes dramatic, cathedral ceilings are matched with tall windows and oversized doorways but if your windows are standard, try hanging draperies from the ceiling to supplement their height.Tall bookcases were made for high ceilings. Add a sliding ladder and the room takes on the warmth of a personal library.

For some ideas with high ceilings, take a look at what’s available at the Astonian.


Decorating a large open space

Big space with flexible floor plan in newly constructed condos at Austin. Flexible open floor plans shadow the lines between common living areas. The walls that once separated living, dining and kitchen areas are gone. There are almost endless combinations for furniture placement and personal style with an open floor plan. Decorating a flex space is all about creating harmonious environments and allowing energy to flow. Imagine how traffic will move most easily and observe where it’s most natural to create quiet contemplative spots as well as places that lend themselves to conversation.

Area rugs are key to define spaces if you have a hard surface floor. Plants and trees add a sense of vibrancy and life (NASA has even found that having at least ten live plants to home is good for your health because they literally clean the air of toxins).

Don’t feel the need to fill up all your space with furniture.   Structure a big space with big furniture.  Sectionals are popular for the living space.Check out some of the decorating ideas at Austin City Lofts, which has both high ceilings and flexible open floor plans.

Open Concept Kitchens

Open concept kitchens are the latest in modern condo design. The kitchen is opposite the living area, in a large, open space that automatically lends itself to entertaining and family living. We painted the walls, trim and cabinets the same soft grey to make the spaces feel as one. They typically feature a peninsula/breakfast bar or center island, which doubles as a cooking/preparation space and dining area.

A long waterfall style island offers the flexibility to tuck some contemporary metal stools under the surface area. Pendant or recessed cone lighting are naturals here.  Also popular now is a tile backsplash to break up the solid surfaces and the cabinets.

Minimalism is key in these types of kitchens.  Stow most of your appliances in cupboards or the pantry to keep the counters clear of clutter.

Check out The Spring High-rise for some nice open-concept kitchens.

Want some other ideas for designing and decorating a condo?  Check out some of these new condos in Austin for some great ideas.


In this article writer given a complete guide about buying, selling, decorating condosAustin Real Estate Market Overview, Downtown Austin Real Estate by 78701 Realtor,360 Condominiums Skyscraper, Four Season Residence, The Austonian,  Seaholm Residences, and Austin City Lofts.  Reader also know about AUSTIN TEXAS REAL ESTATE VALUES, Austin Creditors rate, economic ranking, and tips regarding who do decorate your condos open space and concept kitchen.

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