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A Look on the Upcoming Tallest Condo Tower in Austin

Condo-living is a totally new prescriptive of living in Austin Downtown. Many new condo towers are built and sold out. People are interested in living in condos because they provide a lot of comfort and there is a complete world suited for the best living inside a condo.

The Austonian is currently the tallest building in the downtown Austin, but we have listened about a new upcoming condo tower which will grab this title from Austonian. That building was named as The Independent.

We have listened a lot about that tower thus we just want to let you take a look on the upcoming tallest tower of Downtown Austin which is the Independent.

The tower is currently under construction and will contain a capacity of 370 residencies. There are a total of 370 condos for sale including some of the best amenities like a terrace, playground, fitness center, a heated pool, a swimming pool and much more.

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Interior & Amenities – The Independent

The interiors are really very beautiful they must worth giving them a visit. Each condo in the Independent features a hardwood plank floors, corner quartz and floor to ceiling windows.

We have come to know from different news sources that:

The “9th Club Room” and amenities deck will include a dog lounge and park, a children’s activity room and playground and an infinity-edge heated pool.

The 34th floor will include a sky fitness center, a 25-person private theater, and an “Owner’s Club Room” (pictured) for luxury entertaining and dining.

These kinds of amenities make this condo tower a real dad of all the other buildings currently in Downtown Austin.

This will surely beat them in all manners and will grab the attention of all the condo lovers. The Independent is also designed very uniquely and have a block type zig zagged shape. Due to its unique design it is also famous as the “Jenga Towers”.

Building Layout of The Independent:

The building consists of 58 stories and a total of 370 residencies. This is being developed by the Rhode & Partners on the West Third Street and West Avenue near the Sealhom district. It is mostly complete and scheduled to be finished at the end of 2017 or at the start of 2018.
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Still you can book your condo as bookings are open for the interested ones, and you will be amazed that 30% of the building was booked at this time. So hurry up and grab your booking if you are interested in that building.

The Independent is officially listed on the Urban Space Real Estate’s website, you can visit it here.

If you have any other information that I’ve missed in this article, must share it with the world by dropping it in the comments section below.

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