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5 SECRETS to Renovate your Downtown Austin Condo at Lowest PRICE

Does your Condo need some renovation?

Or you just want to change the way your condo looks?

Downtown Austin condos are a great place to live, but like every other home or apartment they also need timely renovations in-order to be in shape. It is recommended to renovate your house once in a year if you always want to keep your condo look impressive or at least once in two years if you want to keep the budget low.

In this Article, I am sharing some impressive and effective tips you should consider while renovating your downtown Austin condo. As these tips will help you get the most by spending less. This will also help you give your condo a completely unique and brand-new feel and you will surely fell in love with the renovated version of your condo.

So, let’s move towards the main content.

Go with a List:

Renovating or doing something with your condo can be difficult. As there are possibilities that you forget some of the changes you have planned to do and will think about them once you have completed the renovation process. This kind of situation can hurt your budget or your plans. As if you want to do that stuff later, you have to spend more money than what it will cost if it was done with the other work in process.

That’s why it is always good to focus on pre-planning to process and writing down the changes you want to do in your condo, in that renovation process. This will help you figure out, how much you are willing to spend and how much it can cost. Pre-planning and making a list of the things you want to change in your Downtown Austin condo will also help you estimate the time required for the whole renovation to be done.

Once you have done with the planning and estimating process, you can move to the next step of color choosing if you want to paint the condo again.

Lighter Shades provide more Light!

Re-painting your condo can be a great idea to get a totally new look and make your condo look new and fresh. If you are willing to do so, I recommend you to go with a lighter shade for the painting process. You can also use dark shades as well, but as lighter shades makes your condo look brighter and let more light to be in your condo. Lighter shades are proved to use the light more effectively than darker colors.

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Color combinations are also a good idea to give your condo a premium and rich look. You can play with different light and dark shades. A good practice is to play with contrasts and make some main walls to a darker contrast to a color, and the other walls to a lighter one.

I have included a color shade combination card with this article and I think it might also help you choosing the right paint color for your condo.

Color Combination Pallets for Interior Paints

Try to Reuse instead of Replacing:

Reuse Insted of Replacing

An effective and cost efficient practice while you are renovating your condos is to Reuse, instead of Replace. There are many things which can be reused in the same condo with a repaint or a re-polish process and can enhance the look of your condo without spending money on buying the new ones.

These kinds of things can help you keep your budget lower and also you can enjoy a totally new look and feel without spending too much money. Re-painting that item will only cost you a few bucks and the item will look totally new. You can reuse kitchen storages like drawers, cupboards etc. by getting them repaired if they are broken or not functioning properly and get them painted by a professional.

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Expand Storage Space:

Storage Compartments of modern Kitchens

Whether you are planning about Kitchen or a bedroom, storage space is always a topic to think about. They always need expansion and it is necessary to use the storage space more and more effectively in-order to utilize it in the best way.

So, whenever you are renovating your condo and working on the Kitchen or the bedroom part, consider adding a new cupboard, shelf or rack to improve the storage capacity. There are different kinds of furniture available for these purposes, there are wide-opening drawers which expand when opened and decked cupboards with adjustable shelf in them. These kinds of things can improve the storage and allow you to utilize storage in the best way in your condo.

Windows have great Impact:

Floor to Ceiling Windows

Windows of mostly condos are specially designed for impressive views and eye catching scenes. So, if you are living in such a condo where the windows have given special attention, you will never want to lose that.

So, I personally recommend you to choose the color of the paint you are going to use in the surroundings of the windows, because it have a great impact on what you see from windows. As a lighter shade allow more light to get in and you can get a better view of the outside. If you use a darker light shade, it can create a little bit of difficulty while viewing through the window because of dark colors.

And, If you don’t have large windows installed in your condo, I recommend you to consider adding them. Because large windows, especially roof to floor windows can help you gets a great view of the outside while sitting in your condo’s living area or TV lounge.

Final words from the Author:

Renovations are great and can change the look and feel of our condo. They can enhance your condo living experience and let you feel a totally new experience in the same condo. Whatever you are planning to do, I personally recommend you to plan first. You should start with making a budget first.

Once, you are done with that process, take quotations from different service providers and vendors. It’s your basic right to compare the prices and features and choose the best one, so you must utilize that right. I will never recommend you to go with the first quotation you get, go and find the best price in the market. It’s your hard-earned money, try your best to utilize it in the best possible way and get the most out of it.

At the last, if you are interested in selling your old one or buying a new condo or anything like that, I will help you with the process. As I am an experienced downtown realtor, I can provide you the best advice in this regard. If you are interested, you can contact me using the link below:

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  1. Garreth Wilcock August 21, 2017 at 2:51 pm - Reply

    Efficient use of storage is so important in a smaller space – you’re 100% correct! With more open plan living, huge windows and plenty of light can change the feel enormously. Great article

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