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6 Top Austin Condo Towers to Buy a Condo in 2017

Are you looking for a condo, but still confused about which building you should choose?

Don’t worry I am here to help you with this article today.

There are many old and new condo towers in the Downtown Austin and many people want to sell or purchase condos in those towers. But, still a lot of people are confused about the best condo tower in the Downtown Austin with the best lifestyle and living experience.

That need make me to write this post. As being an expert downtown realtor I want to help my visitors in finding the best building in the Downtown for a great condo living experience.

Mainly, it depends on your requirements for a condo you are looking. It depends on you that what are your priorities and what things you don’t care much about. Like if you want the tower with a great fitness center but you don’t need an in-built cinema in that tower then your priority is something far different from the person who wants a in-built cinema and don’t need a fitness center badly.

I have made a complete list of some of the best condo towers in the Downtown Austin and included their features in this single article. So you can take a look on all of them at a single place.

So without spending any time, let’s go towards our article.

360 Condomiums

Located at the 360 Nueces street, this building is a 44 floor condo tower specially built for a standardized condo living experience. The height of 360 condomium’s is nearly 581 ft and there are a total of 430 condos in the 360 condomiums.
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From January 2008 to 2009, 360 condomiums is the tallest building in the Austin and was later became the second tallest building of the Austin after the launching of the Austonian.

Like the most condo towers, 360 condomium is packed up with a terrace at 174 ft, a swimming pool, a sundeck and a in-built theater. Along with a purpose built clubroom.

Austin City Lofts

Austin city lofts is a low rise condo tower in Austin. But, still it is a great place to consider when you are thinking about a condo living experience at an affordable price. The building is very popular among the middle-class people which are not interested in too much luxury lifestyle but still want to experience a premium condo lifestyle.

5 Fifty Five Condo towers

Built along the Hilton Hotel, the 5 fifty five is yet another condo tower you should must consider once before you buy a condo. It offers a great living experience and a good community of great people. They are also popular as the Hilton Condos or the 555 condos. These 5 fifty five condos are featured with one of the spectacular interiors and floor to ceiling windows which make them stand out from any other condo tower of its kind.

The Austonian

This 683 feet residential condo tower is a king itself. It is currently the tallest building in the Downtown Austin and snatched this title from the 360 condomiums in 2009. The Austonian have received a four star rating from the Austin Energy Green buildings in November 2010 making it the first building of its kind having such rating.

The Austonian offer’s unmatched amenities to the person living there including a Lawn, a Billiard room, fitness center, a Spa, library, and a Theater for its residents.

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Four Season Residencies

The four season residencies are a condo tower that offers luxury and affordability at one spot. They offer some of the premium amenities at a really affordable cost. Some of the basic features include valet services, in-built theatre and club rooms etc.

There are different kinds of condos available to suit your needs in Four season residencies

Trouble Finding the Right condo?

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